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The Institut für Neutestamentliche Textforschung:
New Testament Virtual Manuscripts Room:
The online Kurzgefasste Liste: of manuscripts (includes bibliographic references, although some of them -- like the one to this site -- are very out-of-date)

Brown University Textual Criticism Materials

Quartz Hill School of Theology
CEU Coursein Textual Criticism

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
Links, articles
TC or TC

The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection
Bibliography, Links
Umich Papyri

Index of Biblical Quotations in Early Christian Literature
Search Page

Electronic Resources for the Textual Tradition of the Epistles Of PaulMaster page with links to collations of manuscripts of Galatians and Ephesians plus other projects.

Google Books
Scrivener's Plain Introduction
Hutton's Atlas of Textual Criticism
Hammond's Textual Criticism Applied to the New Testament
(Note that these books are mostly pre-Gregory.)

Greek Texts (and Interlinear Bibles) page
Greek Texts
Note: Much of what this points to is Textus Receptus- derived, and has no value. In fact, it's quite irritating. But it also points to the Scrivener/Miller Plain Introduction, which is still the single best source of information about the manuscripts known at the time it was published.

The FarAboveAll Translations page
Bible resources, including English translation of the Robinson & Pierpont text, with Greek text and notes, and various Textus Receptus editions. Not much direct textual criticism here, and I don't endorse what there is, but useful for understanding the Majority Text (as opposed to the Textus Receptus).

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